Sat, catch up.

Been a hectic week as per usual. But I’ve started to get back into things. 

I should have been off work starting yesterday, but circumstances changed and it was better for me and for them if I moved it till the end of the month, so I have. I’ve managed this week to re-read and catch up with lots of things though. And TSK being one of them. 


However, my editing session on Thurs didn’t quite go as I’d planned. The reception on my phone was spotty, I couldn’t get my blue-tooth to work with Skype (Which it always has) and after 45 mins of not quite hearing things and trying to make do we called it a day early so that I could calm down… lol…


So, I’m in the market today for a new computer… one which Skype will run on and work perfectly. One which will make my writing so much easier. So shopping today with good ole mum 🙂 


I’ve got loads of pictures of Bobby, he’s been a great little mate to have this week as hubby has gone full time at work. 


Happy to say things are getting better. 🙂 So here’s to a nice new day and a happy Sat and Sunday. 


Looking forward to the end of the month. The All England Koi Show. And spending time with hubby. 🙂 


Catch you all soon. 

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