August 2nd 6:17 am

BangH BangH BangH BangH BangH BangH BangH BangH

Disaster of a morning…. Pump tripped all lecky to baby pond and main pond. Lucky all fish aren’t dead…. Big fish acting up big time. Baby fish all look okay from what I can see. Don’t understand it. So unhappy I have to go to work :( No idea how long they didn’t have filter and oxygen for. No food for them today. Cruel to be kind. Daren’t test the water perams on the main pond before I have to leave, had to put trikle of water going in, just hoping that will help them. :( so so not good. Things were going okay, now back to square one and then some. Just hoping big fish can cope….

BangH BangH BangH BangH BangH BangH BangH BangH

5:49 pm

Ok so home now, big fish acting up a bit, seen three flicking. One really was irritated, our male shiro. Just doing a partial water change to see if that eases them up, Ammonia slightly raised, and as my ph is a bit higer than normal seems that would irritate them.

They’ve had no food today which I think has upset them a bit too. They are hunting for food very very active.

Baby fish are starting to change colour good style, the big black ones are getting white markings and the big orange ones are going much paler.

Very interesting. Captured hundreds on the video today will try and upload it soon :)

Please ignore the sound effects and Paul and I talking. lol.


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