Well seeing as I am feeling a bit better, thought I would brighten my blog up with this.

15th June 1996

Paul and I went on our first date, I had never been out with a man before and after Paul asking me in work I accepted.

I was waiting for him to come and pick me up on his new motorcycle and take me for a ride, he had promised to ring before he left Liverpool, and of course no phone call arrived.

Then at 7:30 when he was supposed to pick me up my brother came rushing downstairs. ‘he’s here Dawn’

I couldn’t believe it, and for the first time in my life went out on a bike and on my first ‘Date’

We took a small tour of some of the local pubs, only drinking orange juice and coke, then went back to our house. My mum then took us to the local village where we went for a real drink.

I remember feeling very at ease and very happy, this man made me laugh and made me feel special, by the end of our evening we got a taxi and went back to mine.

All my brothers friends ‘the gang’ were sitting downstairs with my mum drinking and talking, and when we walked in we had a few more drinks and then I told Paul we had better get some sleep.

Mum had made up the put me up bed in my room for him.

Of course we didn’t get much sleep, we kept on talking most of the night, and I had my first kiss.

I was smitten.

There Paul and began to spend nearly every day and night together, as we worked in the same factory it was much easier for him to stay over and go to work from ours than to go from Liverpool each day.
It wasn’t long before he gave his flat up and moved in properly….

So Last night 15th June 2007 11 years had passed and I took Paul to a restaurant where my friend Monika works, we had a lovely Mexican meal and a few drinks, then after refusing a dessert, my friend brought out a special one with number 11 on. Bless….

It was a lovely night and 11 years on the man I first went out with and fell for is the man I love still, and with all my heart…

Hope you all have a good weekend guys.


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