AND YEAH it’s raining…..

Just about right aint it.

In work we find the weather will scorch us, and then as soon as the weekend comes, and you want to do something nice, out comes the clouds and the rain…

Had a busy ish morning, my friends mum isn’t so good so have been trying to get her registered with a doctor, managed to get a polish one too which is great.

Am not up to much tonight, will be sitting back, watching a dvd and sipping some nice wine.

He he, my neighbours brought over a lovely bottle for our anniversary which is on thurs, but I going to open it later, seeing as I am on me own, Paul wont drink wine anyway..

Had a great weekend though, went into the club on here for the first time, and apart from the usual old men pinching my arse, managed to dance the night away with my friends and really enjoyed it.
We are thinking about going on a camping trip but its hard to find somewhere that is going to be quiet and without too many kids.

Adults only going, and am not sure what will happen but I sooo want to get out and have some fun, been so unsure of everything lately, and of myself, but I know I deserve a good time.

I don’t want to get in trouble, and wont ever hurt my husband but I just fancy going away on my own with out him. Am I wrong?

Anyways talk to some of you later.

Dawn xx

By kanundra Posted in netlog

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