I am finding it real hard this week to fight everything.

It has been one thing after another, after another, and these voices in my head are really bugging me to give in and let ed take over completly.

Paul was in a accident on the 26th his birthday of all days, he is ok, so I thank god for that, but its the aftermath you know, the car is a write off, we have no money once again, and no one around me really seems to notice this pressure here on me, the fact that everyone still demands my time, I cant cope with it all, I want to please everyone but I cant,

Paul is going to be off work a while longer yet, and I am so so tired, so tired of fighting,

My mum and my nan keep getting on an on at us for selling our van dropping the price of it so we end up in a council place, but we would have nothing, no furniture, I just dont know what to do.

If we carry on and struggle through the nxt two years the van is ours and we own nothing, but they cant see it, they just see that we are broke now, and cant afford to eat or pay our bills, we maange most of the time, but so many things have happened this year all ready that have caused us a back log of stuff,

Anyways moan over for now,

Dawn xx

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