Hellooo Long time since I did this, had a moan about everythin,  but you know just when things are going real good doesn’t something just sort of knock you off wack.

Reason why I sort of wanted to come back I suppose is for this reason, its good to talk when you are really low.

Had a bit of good news and then some bad news,


Good news first. A couple came to look at our van on saturday, and they are really interested, we just dropped the price so thats a bummer, as have to sell it lower now, but hey they loved the garden. Waiting on an offer now, they went away to talk and said they’d let us know tomorrow, so fingers crossed.


Bad news, May not be able to get a house, sob, am upset and frustrated as I had hoped this would be it for caravan life and maybe Paul and I could have a real chance at everything. Guess not.


If we sell our caravan now, we will make money on it, from buying it new and doing the garden up, plus we have been here nearly five years, but if we sell it in a few years we may not make anything and be out of pocket so everything is telling me to sell and move on, but it means another caravan, and we spent so much on this and have so many nice memories here.


I want to sell and financially we will be sorted, we have a plan to move to this sites sister just up the road, and by getting a caravan a little cheaper than ours, we will be able to do so much more, and will be secure in our selves.


I am being silly I guess, but ed is trying to worm back in. Every little thing is my fault and there are plenty of things I am blaming myself for at the moment without this.


I do feel really low, and sad, I wish some things would go right for a change and go right all the way through, not change half way, I wish I had someone to talk too. Lifes bad points are sucking me in and I hate it. I hate the way everything is making me feel at the moment, and I just wish it would stop.



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