I did start this post in a good way but wrote a long one and my computer cut off the net, grrrrr, oh well,


I just wanted to thank everyone for being here for me, and for all the sweet emails and messages they sent to me,


This week hasnt quite been what i intended it to be but its been good, the doc changed my meds, so have been exhausted and having major problems sleeping again as have been having nite sweats, which havent been nice, but, have slept through most of the week

this isnt good in one sense as I have been hiding, but thanks to lovely louise, I got out for a few hours yesterday and had a great time, thanks for the posting the pics hun, shame bout all my clothes (I was on the bike) oh well,

better ones next time, as she has promised me a pamper day, doing my hair and makeup, interesting as no one has ever done that before,


Anyways this week has been a tough one, but I am getting there, done a lot of talking with Paul and a lot of thinking myself,  Have decided with louise’s help that I have to be more independant and more social, so am going to give that a try and get out into the world to try and push ed to one side again, as i seem to be hiding and thats no good,


I hope everyone, here is ok, have missed you all, but am back maybe not going to be on as much as I have been but i will always be here, have a new time goal though will only be on the net from 5 till 7pm, so now everyone, knows I hope I can catch some of you then,
Love you all and am sending big hugs,



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