Hi guys

just a little message to say I missed you all so much last night, am feeling pretty off, and hope I can be on later.

Bex hope you had some fun with your friends,

Sarah thanks for all your support I am really hoping things are getting a bit better for you, you and you family are in my thoughts always.

Pauline you are so good with words thanks for all your support and love.

All three of you are so special in many different ways but you have been here with me through good and bad, I love you all for that.

Please take care, and will speak to you later.

Love and hugs





I think this is something that needs to be said as too many of us are saying this and we dont have to …..

ya all.


do we all have to say it,

for how we are feeling for who we are,

non of us should be sorry for anything we say, or anything we do that we think is bad,

as it probably isnt.

We all need to talk

We all need to vent

So I wont except sorry from anyone,

and I promise I will try and not say it too.

we have nothing to be sorry for

we didnt ask for this ed,

it just happens,

and we must try and fight it, not be sorry

for who we are, why we are,

share our experience, help each other listen and care

love and hug

I wont say I am sorry ever again and let this ed win.


had to tell you all, and please dont be sorry, we are who we are.

and we must all try and accept it.


Love and hugs




Hi everyone.

just to let you know how things are with me at the moment.

I am really struggling with things, have made three weeks without being sick but am really starting to get paranoid about everything, and cant help but a bit low this week. I had a lovely weekend very busy but nice, and I cant get these bad thoughts about me out of my head.

I feel like I am failing, but am I. I dont know, just dont know how to feel about anything anymore.


I will not let this beat me though, I am determined to be me once more.

I hope everyone is doing ok and you are all in my thoughts, take care everyone.

Love and hugs





Hi everyone,

Just an idea maybe to post a message about what times you come on the site, then others can know if there’ll be anyone around.

I am normally on from5pm GMTtill about9pm

With exceptions on fridays and over the weekends, as it may be earlier or later.

Hope everyone is doing ok.

Would be nice for me to perhaps stay up one night and talk to others, especially as I havent spoken to some of you before properly.

Please let me know, and I will stay up past midnight here, to speak to you.

Love and hugs




Inside me

Deep down inside,
You can’t see me
Hiding, trying to be free

Deep down inside,
I am trying to worm out
This happy part of me

Deep down inside
I am trying to get out
Instead of taking flight

Oh no, there I go deeper, darker,
No light in here, it gets so much harder

But I see a pin point, a tiny light, something to fight for
And I wriggle on, trying to be more

With each wiggle, I get stronger
With each wiggle, I get closer

I am going to do it
I am going to come out

Be me and be free, into sunshine and not night.

Dawn Chapman 8th July 2004

By kanundra Posted in poem