A hill at night, whispers in the trees, fear accomplishes nothing, so don’t live in fear.

If shadows scare you, and the pounding of feet, sing a song look away but do not weep.

I’ll always be near you in mind heart and soul.

If death is forever we’ll make it our home.


Sunshine forever please do not frown.

My heart is open your love so renown.

If storms head our way, we’ll brave them together.

But please believe me the sun shines forever.


If smoking gives cancer, then what will rain bring, all that Carbon Monoxide we’ve all been deceived.

People are harder the world heads for war.

What brings tomorrow, but Murder and gore.


If God exists then does the Devil too?

If they exist then why you and me?

Time ticks by but life I won’t squander,

Each ray of pure sun shine,

Each great clap of Thunder.


Life brings me happiness, friends and good times.

Will death be the same, or will it all start again?



Dawn Lloyd 1995


(married name is Chapman)

By kanundra Posted in poem

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