Hotting up!

And I don’t mean the weather. Well we’re almost ready for the final stages of TSK’s book 1 release. I’m really excited that everything is coming together, and then I’m really scared as well. I flit from one to the other almost every minute. our website can be found here –

Here’s a scary image for you, the day I received the Royal Pendant from Trent in the US. I love it so much, I can’t wait to see if we can get a few of these manufactured. (this one is hand crafted out of wood, with such love it is unreal!


The cover is looking SUPER awesome. And I’ll do a big cover reveal over the easter bank holiday I think.

Sci fi Max’s latest edition is set for release on Friday! which has a great page spread for us. Please check it out, and of course, I’ll remind you all on the day…

I’ve been spending the weekend planning. Camp Nano starts in April, I have two weeks of 4 working week days, and then a whole two weeks off. I plan to hammer out the third book to the series. Looking to get around the 100k mark, but we’ll see. Its early yet, and I’m not 100% where the story and characters will take me. The planning is and always does take a different path when I’m in the midst of it all.

So there you are! I’m super excited. I totally can’t wait for April….


Hectic week

This week has been amazing. It’s gone so fast, I don’t know where. Anyone else having that problem.

It seems I come home from work, have lots of email and stuff to answer and then it’s like 8.30 and I’m too tired for anything.

But, it’s been fun. We’ve had the best response to the TSK facebook page.

Trent Pehrson is our Conlang expert and designer for some of the specific language related products. Like Kendro’s Royal pendant. With a little extra promotion, we reached 6000 people and found some new fans.

I am wiped out, but excited all at the same time. It’s been amazing to see this come together over the last few months. I’m very proud and love working with these guys now in my team. 🙂

Sometimes so long!

It’s been a bad, bad couple of weeks for me. I don’t know what I did, but I hurt my back. This made me entirely not able to function as a person. I went to work, I did the bare essentials around the home. Fed and cleaned at least most things including myself daily. I got my crits in on scrib’d was a bit late with a few other things, but I tried.

Things are getting a little easier. I’m not quite taking the pain killers that I was. And it’s not constantly burning or hurting. I’m also sleeping better, so that is a good thing.

I have to say that I am upset about the lack of excersise or will power when it has come to food. It’s been my kind of coping mechanism in the opposite sense, I’ve made myself eat real food each day. Not over the top rubbish, as I’ve never done that. But I’ve still managed to put back on about 6lbs, it’s not an impossible amount to shift. And could just take a few weeks, but I’m still recovering and won’t want to push it, just yet.

We’re also coming up to Nanowrimo. And that is an exciting time of year for me, usually I take part and write soemthing totally new, but I’m actually thinking on a total hit on TSK book 2. It’s had three/four great people read almost 2/3rds (they’ll finish just before the end of the month) and I don’t think I can put it aside to work on the next one, while this is still fresh in my head.

So torn over what to do.

I’ve spent the day doing Military Research. And organising things. But, ugghhh I’m so daunted by where I need to go and how much I need to do.

I forget when starting TSK Book 1 actually how rough it was. And how much hard work and slog I did put into it to get it to the polished stage it is in now. Looking to do that over again well it kinda sucks. It’s exciting totally. We’ve got some amazing things on the go for our animated short film.

I should grin and bare it. I must grin and bare it.


The best ever!!!!

I have to announce this is the best teaser trailer ever from the Chronos team. I am so thrilled to be involved with these very talented guys. 


You must check out their latest trailer on youtube…. 



It has the best animation in it that I’ve seen from them. As a team we’re really pulling out all the stop. 


Yeah, I’m a writer advisor/editor there… helping out where I can. And I love being part of the crew. I’ve seen and had the pleasure of watching this project grow, and GROW and well, you can imagine. From almost the start. to where they are. Totally in awe of you guys, you are amazing. 

This is their facebook page,

And their main website…


Go visit, like, show us some love… it is really worth a look. 


🙂 Dawn x x 

The Pandoran Age Chronicles

Hey guys/gals

Although working very hard on my own novel, I also have a couple of other projects that I am involved with. I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you more to this one.

I would love to talk more about the writing that I am involved with and this science fiction project is amazing!

4217 and a Galactic Dark Age hangs over humanity. A collection of rogues is our species only hope as extra-dimensional psychic vampires swarm the galaxy. Smugglers and psychics, spies and soldiers; pirates and madmen. Each finding their destiny lies in the thick of a war to save humanity from extinction.

Like our facebook page too.

If you love looking at art work, the animators and designers over at the main website are just amazing. I’ve been very honored to work with these brilliant guys who are from all over the world.

Writing, animation and filming are my passion. So please, please check this project out. Especially the videos, they are so fab.

And of course, message me any thoughts, always willing to listen to the public.

Thanks everyone… will post later about Nanowrimo 🙂