New Book Review 9: Letháo: The Secret King

A wonderful review for TSK’s book 1 🙂 many thanks.

Cameron W. Kobes

The ninth book I am reviewing is Letháo: The Secret King, an excellent science fiction novel by Dawn Chapman. It’s a space opera, within the same genre as books, films, and television shows like Star Trek, the Star Wars saga, Dune, and Battlestar Galactica. In some of the Amazon reviews for the book I saw claims that The Secret King follows a plot very similar to Battlestar Galactica. I’ve never seen the show so I couldn’t say. The Secret King was originally conceived as a thirteen-episode TV series (doing some research on it, I get the impression that a show might be coming in the future), and this comes across in the writing. Chapters feel episodic, so the book contains multiple small situations of conflict and resolution within the framework of a large conflict.

The overall story is this: the population of the planet Letháo…

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AudioBook Review – Fringe Runner – 1

There are so many book reviews I need to post, but I can’t, so I’m going to carry on from where I’m just finishing.

This was a new narrator for me, even if I’ve seen him around the audiobook forums and we’ve chatted 🙂

I’m patiently waiting for the next… oh yeah, sorry, don’t do patient… where is it now! lol…. anyway, review is as follows.

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Fringe Runner: Fringe Series, Book 1 | [Rachel Aukes]

“Good first book!”

I am always picking up new books by narraters who I follow 🙂 this was a pleasant listen.

From the interesting characters of Rain, Throttle (his daughter) and his crew, while picking up a package from a dead whose circumstance are beyond questionable, things start to get interesting…. the package is taken from them by a CUF Commandant….. There are some twists and turns in this story I wasn’t expecting. Rain seemed to be a strong Captain, but then he almost blew that by doing some silly things to get himself injured. But his loyalty to the cause, and to his crew is commendable. And I really liked him for that.

I think my fav characters were Throttle and Demise, the pirate Tech. He had such humour even in the worst situations. It added a great dimension to the story. I do wish it were longer, and that it didn’t end as it had. But with traitors around and his previous history expunged so to speak this might be a very great series to look out for. 🙂

This was the first one from James Foster that I’ve listened to, and he had a great tone for Rain… even his female characters were distinct enough for me to know who they were without the tags. haah.

Thanks for letting me listen in and I’ll watch for more.


OMG guys, I’ve never been so frustrated or upset as I have been the last few weeks, losing sleep and worrying over my account…

I was logged out after a power failure at home. I’d recently had some major phone issues and hubby had also upgraded his phone, so that meant no 2-step authentification. Which my blog is set up for. And I have been locked out!

I have really just been going nuts…

I sent an email off to wordpress, and heard nothing. Presuming it went to spam I checked everything everyday for two weeks…. nothing. I had to email them from another account… and then finally got to talk to someone.

Over the course of the last week. We’ve been back and forth over the account, and I believe someone has reset it from 2-step…. or I’ve been hacked.

NEVER MIND… the fact is I’m back!

I’ve so so much to get you guys clued up on, reviews, and of course TSK’s progress. More will be coming tomorrow 🙂

Love and hugs…