2 week sickness but getting better :)

It’s been a tough few weeks, falling back in with a bad cold/infection again after my book launch and party. So for the whole last 14 days I’ve pretty much just barely managed to get out of bed, go to work and come home. I’ve let everything slide and I finally made the decision last weekend to stop taking on anymore ‘projects’ because I can’t do them. It was like a wave of everything and suddenly because I got ill I felt like I was drowning in them and would never get back on top.

So, I’ve pulled the plug on a few, and that will give me some time to ‘get better’ I’ve been so exhausted… and to catch up on those things I still need to finish.

Last week in itself was a bunch of meetings and paperwork on top of being sick… but now that things on that side are looking much better, I’m also feeling much better on a personal level.

There is a light at the end of the year, and we’re almost in November too! which means NanoWrimo 🙂 I wasn’t going to do anything and I still might not, but this one character hasn’t shut up all year. So who knows. I might crank her story out or I might leave it.

My muse rules though and if she kicks my butt, I’ll be writing. (she’s trying to,) but I’m still not 100% better, so I’m just playing it by ear for the weekend… honest.

Tonight I’ve caught up on some of the pile, I might be there by the weekend. 🙂

Anyone else doing nano? If you need a friend, I’m always around either way…

Good luck to those who are in.

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