TSK Productions is looking for staff writers

Hey guys/gals. For all my writer friends, Sci fi, SO, LGBT, 🙂

I know TSK is a large project with even more stuff coming in all the time. So I’m sharing this as the company director, who knows I cannot do everything, so we have the following proposal.

TSK Productions Ltd would like to offer writing assignments/collaborations out for their short story collections (or more) in the TSK world. 

Contract will be provided, and payment would be on word count, (open for some discussion depending on experience), anything 5-10k (open to discussion on larger projects) in length, with an assigned percentage of profits from publishing the anthology later on, albeit in Anthology 1 or 2. (not decided yet)

A link to the copy of the first short to be released as an example can be pm’d to interesting parties.

I will be organising an online group for anyone interested in doing this at http://www.scribophile.com  (free profile available)
Our main character file, is in Scrivener format. So downloading this (free for 30 days) will be helpful.

Editors, proof readers and the line artists are provided, schedule will be organised on the characters and story written, but they’d be released to the members only section on the website first for paying fans, and then published in the anthology with the rest of the team.
Please message me here, facebook, if you think anyone would like to talk more.

~ Dawn