Hello everyone ((((((huggies)))))))

This is to inform you all that while on the film course at uni I am producing a short film, called The Hurt Inside. It was written as a short story by me in 2002, for my creative writing course, and was based on my personl experience of my eating disorder and a little of my life. Well with doing this film course I have to write a film runnin ten minutes and I have chosen this subject with which to write.


I have handed in a draft of the short film and am waiting to do a work shop with it next sat.

But some even more good news, my friend in work Mark Farnell, has said even if I do not get funding from the BBc for this film he would be made up to produce it, as he was really impressed with it,  having gone through the whole story with him today, he is going to story board it tonight for me, and then we can talk about starting production. This would mean that eating disorders will be going to the film festival inCannesnext year, OMG.

I would like to say that there will be a warning at the start of this short and in the end credits I am also going to add something along the lines of  ‘For anyone suffering with any eating disorder, they can get confidential support in recovery from’ this site, and their doctor’s.


I think this is a great idea, the story itself is what happened to me, with names changed and of course, a lot more dramatised to come across in the ten minutes.


I just wanted people to see the suffering we go through and the pain inside of us, wanted people to see it and understand it isn’t just about food.


Thankyou all for listening, wish me luck and you never know the retreat may be soon on its way.


Love and hugs



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