Why does ed make you worry so much, I was so nervous when I got there, but wow, I had the most amazing time, and I met a wonderful girl, even one of the girls I went to college with to do the first two writing courses with debbie was there so that was good.

A girl I met there was so nice, and I hope we can become good friends too, I had so much fun but then Lynn the teacher put a film on a short 10mins long and it was about a woman who was dying of cancer and had asked her son to end her misery for her, which after a last meal he did, and it was so so sad, Rubarb and Roses it was called, and I was in tears had to run out, and then couldnt take part in that side of the assignment, but I explained it after to her, and she inderstood, was a very emotional time for me.


I got home and was exhausted and then went straight to a surprise 50th birthday party and I had such a good time,  the guys face was a picture and I will never forget it,


Anyway I missed you all loads n loads, hope to catch you all tonight,


Love you all loads,

(((((Big hugs))))))




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