Me and My Koi

My name is Dawn Chapman, I was born on December 13th 1977.

Dawn Chapman

I am a writer, I always kept a diary and then a journal.  Now I am here and I transferred all my blog entries from around the internet to here too.

I live in a bungalow with my husband, my mum and my stepdad. After losing my nan in 2007 we decided to keep the family home and bought it from my mum’s brother, we built a granny flat, and we share everything. Including the garden. I love being here, I love sharing. It’s like two houses but in one. More importantly, I get to see my mum just by nipping next door 🙂


They are a very big part of my life, so I wanted to add a special page just for them and for those that are interested.

Main pond

It is a slight work in progress, as they all are. Something always needs doing.

Info on it is.

5000 gallons. 22ft long and 18ft wide. 4.8 at its deepest with a shelf around 1ft from the back wall. Gravity fed to Nexus 300.


Koi – Approx 30 x Home Bred Matsuawabake, Shiro and Hajiro. 10″ and coming to 18mths old. 1 x Doitsu Kohaku, 1 x Assagi and 1 x Gin rin Ochiba.

Solar panels to help with the cost.

And CCTV to watch from inside the house… always a bonus when they can’t see you, they act normally.

Thanks for looking. Any koi related blogs are tagged ‘koi’ if you do a search for them.


17 comments on “Me and My Koi

  1. Hi Josh, the parents were Shiro mum and Kumonryu father, so didn’t quite end up with what were all shiro, think there was a good few though, have about 5 I am hoping are shiro, some hajiro and matsuawabake. 🙂 I’m no expert, but it as an interesting experience for sure. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. As I said when I shared the link on FB, it looks awesome but obviously requires a lot of time, effort and $ to maintain it. And I love the CCTV idea. You can enjoy your fish w/o leaving the house and don’t make them nervous by hovering over the pool watching them. Cool!

  3. Dawn love the pond hopefully we’ll get ours finished this year ( only cosmetic work to do now ) thats if its not been blown or washed away lol
    Cant make fb work dont know why thats why weve not been on Max’ fb site of late .

    • Dave, wondered where you had gone. If you ever need me come here, I’ll happily chat away. You can always find me on Skype too, same name, but I only add people I know ( so I don’t attract, spammers or people looking for more than friendship) lol

      Hoping my pond is well, it’s so cold out, fish all look well, but you just never know till it gets warm…

      Keep in touch.

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