Yikes, I need to get my kh up, fish flicking this morning and tonight with the ph change, they really don’t like it. It was never this bad before I pp’d the pond. The change in the kh of the water has def got a lot to do with this, and the major water changes I have been doing.

When we get paid on thurs I will pop down to my dealer and get some kh buffer. Although I could do with a big bag off the internet. Maybe I can persuade my mum to let me order it and get them to ship it out. I will speak to her later.

All fish seem ok other than the ph change, chagoi is healing up. I am keeping a good close eye on him. Just don’t like my fish bouncing off the bottom of the pond, its not a nice sight. :( Also don’t want any more rub injuries. (If money was no object it would be ace) but the problems I have had recently have just wiped me out. Spent at least £500 over the last three weeks I am gutted.)

Good job hubby has an injury claim about to pay off to replenish all out funds. I can relax again then.

Speak soon.


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